Solarpunk Action Week, Day 2

Results of Day 1

So I wasn’t able to do much because we had to get a bunch of other errands done, but at one point, while waiting in the car for my wife while she deals with her father, I was able to address one of my repair pile projects: A yellow Earthbound Trading dress that had been so loved that it became severely damaged. Elastic wore out and broke. The delicate lining ripped to hell. And, finally, the macrame-esque strap broke.

Damaged dress. Showing damaged strap, damaged elastic, and damage lining.

First, I removed the macrame-esque strap, which was simply appliqued to the front of the dress. I then removed the damaged skirt liner. (It was unrecoverable, but there’s enough intact fabric that I think I will make a basket liner our of it.) Then, I began repairing the elastics until Kendra came back. I have plans to combine this dress with another well-worn black dress for something mori-like.

Photos of the damaged strap, removed applique, and broken elastics.

Plans for Day 2

Today, I’ll be breaking down boxes for cardboard for sheet mulching, and might actually start on that if weather permits. Otherwise, I’ll continue with my dress upcycling.

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