Naturally Flavoured Syrups

That recipe is natural flavoured syrups. We're going to cover two types here: infused syrups and juice-based syrups. These are also going to be simple syrups - equal amounts of water and sugar by volume. (Though this measurement is skewed to more sugar-heavy when using juice.) I prefer this ratio because it's easy to measure, keeps well in the fridge, and has almost always worked well in mixed drinks, flavoured lemonades, sodas, and as tea sweetener.

Famous vanilla box cake

I first started exploring domestic skills by making my college boyfriend snacks and birthday cakes. I was a firm believer in using the best ingredients and making the whole thing from scratch, but being the homemaker for our family has grown a new appreciation in me for accessible, shelf-stable ingredients and box mixes. Like my mother before me, I've found the best quick-made food comes from box or frozen altered with add-ins. For example, boxed mashed potatoes with herbs added, or, in this case, boxed cake mix with real butter and buttermilk.