About Us

Kendra Pape-Green is a queer cis white woman in her 20s, raised in Newmarket, Ontario. Her witchcraft practice is fairly new but has brought her solace at important times and empowered her when she felt powerless. She is primarily an energy worker, though she also reads tarot and is learning some herbalism from her wife. She considers herself atheist from not believing in higher beings, but respects that this isn’t proof they aren’t real. Nonetheless, she also has a semi-religious praxis in Selfism.

Jessica Pape-Green is a bi cis white woman in her 30s, raised in Nashville, Tennessee. Her witchcraft practice has been on-and-off since her teens but was finally committed to in 2011. She is primarily an herbalist and diviner (reading tarot, oracle cards, playing cards, runes, coins stones, and signs), though she dabbles in other types. She is an Agnostic Heathen, having a connection to Norse gods, but ambiguous faith in them, realizing that personal experiences are also not “proof.”

Kendra and Jessica met online in 2011, quickly developed a chemistry with each other, and eventually connived to meet in Niagara Falls, Ontario. They fell in love, committed to putting in all the necessary work of a long distance relationship, and were married in 2016. Jessica was finally able to emigrate to Canada in 2018, and ever since they have lived together in Newmarket, Ontario with Kendra’s brothers and the family dog. Together, they run an occult supplies & lifestyle business called WitchPlz. You can currently find WitchPlz online or every Sunday at the Georgina Farmers Market.