Interviews are coming!

Hey, best witches! I teased it in January, and now it’s almost here. We’re doing interviews with witches, pagans, and other magical & spiritual sorts.

I’m very excited about this new series, because it gives us a chance to really showcase how diverse our community is. Most of our customers and many of our readers are not witchy or pagan themselves, so I’ve really been wanting to show the wide variety of paths out there. Kendra and I firmly believe that our practices are far from the only way to witch, and we’ve really been looking forward to a chance to exhibit that.

We’re currently still reaching out to and hearing from contacts, but some of our interviews have already started. As we are a Canadian-focused blog, we’re going to do our best to showcase Canadians, but we’ve also got Americans with interesting stories to share. Who knows, maybe eventually our interviews will go even broader than that.

Right now, we are not asking for submissions.

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