Unconventional correspondences: Old nails

Hey all! I’m starting this new article series “unconventional correspondences” to post correspondence ideas that I get for random, odd items. The posts should be relatively short. First up: Old Nails!

These nails came from a pallet project I was working on. A couple boards had been added to the sides of the pallet for reinforcement that I didn’t need in my project. Not only was it ugly but the boards had clearly been lifted from something else as they had nails sticking out everywhere! Super dangerous!

Pulling them out, the clearest correspondence to come to mind is that of mistakes.

To me, the nails most clearly represent the actions you have to undo in order to improve a situation or undo a past fuck up. This would make them amazing for shadow work. If reused in another project, then they take on the added meaning of lessons learned from past mistakes, used to improve future actions!

Here is a small brainstorm list of other possible meanings for any old rusty nail pulled out of something you’re taking apart:

  • Time (rust)
  • Metal element
  • Danger (sharp rusty nails)
  • Bending iron will
  • Mankind (nails are a pretty important invention)
  • Construction
  • Deconstruction
  • Toxin (rust)
  • Strength
  • Rustic environments
  • Older times

What correspondences can you think of? Be sure and comment if you use any of my suggestions! We’d love to hear about your own workings!

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