How I first became aware of Thor

So it’s THORSday again, and it’s day 2 of the Thor’s 30 Days of Deity Devotion: “How did you first become aware of this deity?

If we’re talking about when did I first hear of him, it’s impossible to know. He’s just so ubiquitous to western culture. He’s so popular. I think I knew of him before I knew of any other of his pantheon, before I ever knew who the Norse were. And for good reason: he’s a pillar of pure strength and ego. Who hasn’t had a moment of weakness where they felt need for that? Who hasn’t had at least one exhilarating moment in which they could identify with that?

But if what is meant by this question is when I first felt his presence… I suppose I’d have to say in the thunderstorm where I made my bargain with him. I’ve bargained with him before, though usually through Frigg, but this was my first time getting messages back. All the same, I only got messages; I didn’t feel like I was actually “connecting” with him. That’s what gave me the clue they were messages instead of my own thoughts: they just kind of came out of nowhere.

That said, I rarely feel presence? I felt it when I was using Heimdall as a study buddy. I rarely feel Frigg is “with me,” but instead an assurance of what she wants from and some help with my focus and the occasional message. So maybe I shouldn’t expect to “connect” with Thor. Nonetheless, that is part of the purpose of my THORSday posts: to get to know him better and build our relationship.

So my answer to this question must remain ambiguous, I’m afraid. It seems I’ve known of him my whole life, and yet I barely know him at all.

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