New Year: New Growth

Wow, so that temporary hiatus in October sure turned into fully fucking off, didn’t it? And I want y’all to know, we did feel very guilty about that. We don’t like abandoning our community. But the holidays are hectic, and honestly, every time I got down about not making time for blog posts, I tried to keep in mind that it’s quite probable that many of you are going through the same thing. That’s something that has always been at the core of my social media usage – to share what I like, what I think, and who I am without trying to look “perfect.” I’m not perfect, none of us are, and that kind of honest vulnerability has always been what endears me to the people I bother following, and I believe it’s been at the core of how we’ve been able to grow such a community over this past year.

And grow we have! Thanks to Georgina Farmer’s Market, we were able to finally launch our business into the public eye. Moving our business from entirely online to primarily in-person gave us the opportunity to meet our customers in person and build a community. Through this community, we had the opportunity to expand our network further and further, reaching more customers and more markets. We also expanded our merchandise in response to your requests and feedback, starting with glycerine soaps, bath salts, and a handful of common stones and ending the year with a variety of spells, jewelry, pendulums, a wide range of stones, candles, wax melts, sachets, home decor, skin treatments, liniments, massage oils, and more! We’ve had to buy a second table to accommodate the wide range we now have available! And we couldn’t be more grateful.

As is normal for a fledgling business, we had to go through 2019 with more expenses than income, and thats been very hard on our family. Due to personal reasons, getting a “real job” with more predictable income isn’t an option for either Kendra or me. Trust me, we have revisited the possibility frequently. There were some very tough weeks, and we sometimes had to rely on other people’s kindness. But watching our business grow gave us the faith that we were doing the right thing, and the kindness and enthusiasm of our community helped us weather the storms. Now, as we enter the new year, our income is finally beginning to outweigh the expenses of starting and perpetuating the business. Which only means good things for you, the customer! As our needs are met at home, it enables us to have more time and resources to provide you with the wide range of quality products at reasonable prices that you’re looking for.

With that said, I know not everyone who reads this blog is a customer, and you know what? That’s okay! We’re not leaving you behind either. It was our whole community that helped us through 2019, even those who could not spend money on our products have helped us thrive, and we are so grateful.

So here are some of the things you can look forward to with WitchPlz & The Witch Wives:


Lye soaps (hard soap) are coming! We don’t know when, but it’s a high priority on our list. As wonderfully nourishing and beautiful as glycerine soaps are, they aren’t as robust as lye soaps and don’t really hold up to outdoor sales in hot weather. Our glycerine soap bases are thoroughly vetted by us for all-natural and healthy ingredients, but adding lye soaps would mean full control over the entire process and being able to offer an even wider selection.

Bath bombs! You keep asking, and we keep working on it. Our main issue has been that we want natural colourants that we know the origin of and effect on the body, and there’s actually very few options out there that meet that need. So we’ve been experimenting with making our own. We’re very close to developing our first formulas, so stay on the lookout!

Products for every part of your beauty routine! I make everything I use in my personal skincare routine, but I don’t sell most of it. And honestly, that’s a shame. We’ve wanted to expand our selection here for a while, but have been too overwhelmed with other tasks to do so. But the time is now, and you’ll soon find cleansers, toners, moisturizers, and acne care among our products.

Customized products! We’ve wanted to offer these for a while and have nearly got the crafting space and tools set up to do so. We’re looking to be able to custom carve divination sets (similar to the Elder Futhark rune sets we resell), as well as carve words and glyphs on stones to order. We will be offering wood burning services on a range of products (details to come.) We’re also expanding our jewlery options, and will soon be able to let you pick a stone, cord, and necklace length on site for the exact necklace you want.

Essential oils & blends! We’ve gotten many requests for these from people who want to break away from DoTerra and their toxic misinformation and predatory business practices. We’ll be offering safely diluted essential oils and blends in healthy, stable carrier oils, package in easy-to-use bottles.

Improved packaging! We’re looking into buying new labels from professional printers, allowing increased legibility and the ability to make products look more distinct from each other. Unfortunately, these sort of things are very finicky and take time. But we’ve heard the complaints and know our home label maker just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Food? We’ve been considering finally paying for a food license so we can expand into magical teas, soup blends, and food ingredients, but I must admit this is our own idea and not something we’ve had much request for. So let us know: would you like to see this from us?

Threadcrafts? We’re thinking of investing in a sewing machine not just for our own family needs but to provide you with tarot bags, tarot cloths, pendulum mats, soft toys, and more! We’re also considering adding hand-embroidery to such items and to home decor items. Is that something you would like to see?

The Witch Wives

This blog is far from abandoned. It merely requires a constant battle with time management. But we know it’s worth it to share our stories with you and participate in our community. We promised you we’d be more than a store blog, and we’re sticking to it. While there will sometimes be store updates on here, you can look forward to more deity and spellwork posts.

Though I do like participating in monthly challenges, these are never going to be done within a single month, because I want to keep our posts varied. With that in mind, you can expect to see more resource & research posts, deck interviews, interviews with members of our community, Q&A opportunities, and more!

I also promise to schedule time to get posts up at least once a week, but my aim is to post even more frequently than that.

If there’s something you’d been wishing to see more of on this blog, don’t be afraid to tell us! We’re always listening.

That’s all I’ve got right now, since this post is already long enough and I do want it up before January 2nd. 😉 I hope you like our plans for the upcoming year, and I look forward to spending another year growing & blooming with all of you!

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